Business Security Cameras

Best Business Security Cameras

Business security cameras are more than just a deterrent from crime. They’re a necessity if you’re a business owner hoping to safeguard your assets and stay relevant in your industry for years to come.

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Multi-camera business security cameras

Affordable business security cameras

High-performance business security cameras

Business security cameras can save you thousands

Top Three Business Security Cameras

Don’t believe us?

Consider the fact that shoplifting is a 50 billion dollar industry — and that’s just an annual number.

By getting yourself protected with a reliable security camera system ahead of time, you let bad guys know right up front that you mean business.

And if that isn’t enough, the fact that you’ll have prosecutable evidence in the form of video footage should you ever need to convict someone is definitely the icing on the cake.

Business security camera shopping: price vs. quality

Buying a certified business security camera is not necessarily a matter of choosing the cheapest, or even the most well reviewed model on the market.

With the current buying climate being what it is, it’s important to do an ample amount of research ahead of buying in order to ensure you’re purchasing the best possible system for the price.

The reason is simple:

You get what you paid for.

If you buy a basic, no frills model for less than what you’d even spend on your monthly phone bill, it would be irrational for you to assume that model would protect your business or storefront as well as a slightly higher priced model with more industry backing.

That’s why it’s so important that you consider price and quality while shopping.

After all, those few dollars you save today could end up costing you quite a bit just a few years down the line when that “crazy affordable” system you purchased no longer works as promised.

Lucky for you, we put together the below guide to take the stress out of business security camera shopping once and for all.

Multi-camera business security cameras

A multi-camera business security camera system can provide you with an added layer of protection that a single camera system cannot. If dual protection is what you need, the following models have you covered.

The Best Vision 16 CH Security Camera System

This Best Vision brand 16 channel bullet-style security system streams in high-definition 24/7 and is perfect for large industrial and commercial spaces.


Key features

  • Easy setup + lifetime tech support
  • 8 bullet security cameras
  • 65 ft night vision
  • Motion detection and email notifications

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The PRO SERIES Security Camera System

Don’t let the high price tag on this system turn you off: not every business has small security needs. Some require the top of the line, dual camera protection and performance that only an expensive system can provide. For that, there is no better model than the Pro Series: a 64 camera system with 90 infrared bullet cameras.


Key features

  • Super HD 1080p live and recorded video
  • Over 90 ft night vision
  • Up to 16 channels of audio

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The Arlo Security System

How much you spend on your Arlo security system is dependent on what camera kit you choose to go with. Currently, there are over 12 camera kits available across various price points — making the Arlo Security System one of the more cost efficient business security cameras on this list.


Key features

  • Works with Alexa
  • Patented 100% wire-free design for easy placement anywhere
  • Motion detection + night vision included

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Affordable Business Security Cameras

Sometimes affordability is what you need. If you can’t afford to empty your pockets but still need to get your business protected, these are the best cameras on the market.

The ZOSI Video Security Camera System

The Zosi security camera proves you don’t always have to spend a fortune in order to get a reliable business security camera system. It’s available at five different price points based on how many dome-style cameras you choose to go with and the fact that it comes with lifetime tech support i an added plus.


Key features

  • App available on iOS/Android
  • Self-adaptive technology supports 4 kinds of camera models
  • Ultra long continuous recording

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The ELEC Security Camera System 

With four different price points dependent on the features you choose to go with, the Elec business security camera system comes fully equipped with affordability and top of the line performance. It’s also weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use.


Key features

  • Supports iOS + Android
  • 1080N high definition streaming quality

  • Remote access motion alerts included

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The FLOUREON House Security System

Last but not least is the Floureon House, a dual camera system that can be bought at four different price points. If streaming quality and accuracy are important to you, the Floureon is the business security camera for you.


Key features

  • 1500TVL 720P HD resolution
  • Easy setup and remote view

  • Long distance night vision

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High Performance Business Security Cameras

High performance is a big part of any worthwhile business security camera system. Features like night vision, motion detection and facial recognition are just a few of the ways these systems can help protect your business. Below are three of the best models on the market.


The GW Security 32 Channel POE IP Camera System 

This 32 camera security system dual records data and has enhanced picture quality. Powers over ethernet setup and is clean and simple with a single network cable, built-in P2P service and a motion detection.


Key features

  • 1920p picture quality

  • Includes 32 weatherproof cameras

  • Motion detection + snap shot and email alerts

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The Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K Security System

If high performance is what you need in a business security system there are few better models on the market better than the Lorex. With 8 bullet security cameras that record in crystal clear high def, it’s easy to understand why it’s such an industry favorite.


Key features

  • Wide angle 112° field of view (horizontal)
  • Supports industry-leading 4K recording
  • Real-time recording up to 8MP on all channels

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The BNT Security Camera System 

The last high performance business security camera on the list is the BNT, a motorized system available at three different price points. It’s waterproof for both indoor and outdoor use and streams perfectly regardless of the time of day.


Key features

  • 1080P IP bullet with 3.6mm lens
  • Remote live view and playback 
  • Motion detection + email alerts

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